Celebrate Barrie Central Collegiate

Barrie Central Collegiate alumnus Pat Elliott places a graduation cap on one of the samples of school attire that are on loan for this weekend’s reunion.

The sweater belongs to Karen McCleary (Wadge), who made the principal’s honour list when she graduated in 1977.

More than 1,000 people have registered to attend the reunion, with attendees coming from as far as Germany, Australia and California.

For more information, visit celebratebcc2016.com or register in person at the school.



3-7 Registration Pick up in Cafeteria

7pm Latin  and Classics Club Reception in the Cafeteria


3-7 Registration Pick Up in the Cafeteria

3-7 Memory Room open to enjoy in Large Gym

3:30 Staff meet & greet at Sticky Fingers

6:30 Doors open at the Army Navy AirForce Hall for Dance

7:00- midnight Dance at the ANAF (Colourful Dance wrist band is your admittance proof)


9-4 Registration Pick Up Cafeteria

9:30 Doors open for first Assembly

10:00 Assembly starts

11:30 BBQ starts on field (**if inclement weather, BBQ will be served in the small gym)

12:45 start to get into position for the group photo on the field. Drumline will inspire you to get your feet marching into position!

1:00-1:15 photo will be taken by the drone (**if inclement weather, the photo will be taken in the large Gymnasium)

1:30 Doors open for the second assembly

2:00 Assembly starts

4:00- 6:00 Coffee House in the Library (upstairs)

7:30 Doors open for Pub Night at ANAF Hall

8:00 Pub Night at ANAF (red wrist band is your admittance proof. Remember: the stub on the end of the band is your drink ticket!!! Don’t lose it!)


9-11 Registration Pick up

9:30-11:30 Farewell Breakfast

10-12 Alumni Basket Ball Game

11:00-2:00 Avoco Food Bar available for $10

1:00 Alumni VolleyBall Tournament Large Gym

1-2:00pm Band Recital in the Auditorium (white wrist band is your access pass)

2-4:00 Band reception in the Auditorium and Music Room