Eastview students in Barrie take part in Relay for Life

More than 400 Eastview Secondary School students walked, ran, jumped, got dunked, played Frizbee and danced for a great cause on Friday.

It was all during the school’s third annual Relay for Life — which ran from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. — where students and their supporters were attempting to raise $50,000 for cancer research and awareness.

As of the dinner hour Friday, just over $40,000 had been collected with more expected to roll in. By the end, they had raised $45,277.

Grade 12 student Sydney Hitchon, an organizer of the event, was happy to help put together the fun day in the sun for such an important cause.

Her grandfather, and the mothers of two close friends, are cancer survivors.



— ESS Relay for Life (@ess_relay) May 20, 2016

First Victim of the Dunk Tank Thank you Pitt for volunteering! Head 2 the Caf todunk a friend or teacher!$1=2throws pic.twitter.com/5moVrNSaWS

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Talent Show for Relay for life is happening right now! Don’t miss it! ? pic.twitter.com/TvbbfGkmMo

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"I realized how much of an impact one school could make and I wanted to be part of that," she said. "There are so many people who have been touched by cancer, whether it’s in their family or circle of friends.

"This event creates an opportunity to bring everybody together as a community to raise money and awareness."

Teacher Katie Cain said the event makes kids more aware of cancer and the need to help others.

"It reminds us that cancer can happen to anybody. The likelihood of some of us, or all of us, having to deal with cancer directly or indirectly is very high.

"It would be rare to find someone who hasn’t been affected at some point."

One of the crowd favourites! Thank you Justin #ESSRelay pic.twitter.com/0xKp2i7aey

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@LostCousinsBand is here! They are setting up for the concert at 8:30. Bring you friends and watch at ESS for a $5 or more donation!

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Local businesses lent a hand for Eastview’s Relay for Life, as well as supplying items for a silent auction, and the fundraising committee had the help of students and their families and friends.

There were activities aplenty, including a zoomba choreographed dance line, yoga, a dunk tank (teachers preferred), a frozen T-shirt contest, a talent show and, of course, a relay.

Indie band Lost Cousins, who performed at last year’s WayHome Festival at Burl’s Creek, also contributed to the cause by performing a set.

And a luminary ceremony would top off the evening to remember everyone who has been affected by cancer.